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Current Buck

Volunteer Fainters (JBJ) Simon is my current herdsire starting in Fall of 2009.  He is Black and White with one blue and one brown eye. I hope he passes on his nice muscling.  

MGR number #A6987, PEDIGREE

Simon at 20 months Simon at 12 months
 20 Months 12 Months

Retired Buck

BBF Torque was my herdsire from Spring 2006 to Winter of 2009.   He was white with blue eyes, and was 110lbs at 1 year old. I estimate he reached 130lbs by 18 months. He was close to 200lbs nearing his 3rd year. 

MGR number #A2921, PEDIGREE

Torque at 30 months Torque at 18 months Torque at 7 months.
 30 Months 18 Months 7 Months

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